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North by Northwest 2024: The Annual Other Life Meetup

Registration now open.

A cabin at the Wagon Box Inn of Story, Wyoming on my recent visit there

Friday, May 24 to Monday 27, 2024 (Memorial Day Weekend).

A gathering of readers and writers at the Wagon Box Inn of Story, Wyoming.

This will be our 4th annual meetup but the first one with childcare on site, so you can bring kids and still enjoy some adult time.

There will be some special guests and a light program of talks. Presentations this year will be reserved for special guests, plus members of the community who’ve been creating and sharing work most avidly this year.

But mostly just a lot of talking, scheming, and merry-making.

Lodging and all meals included in the price (and childcare).

It will probably be a local woman (or two if necessary), who I’ll source with our partner on the ground there (WagonDAO). Whatever we figure out, know that I’ll trust them with my 2yo.

Price options range from $300-$2000, from glamping to private cabins. Prices will be negotiated reasonably with anyone bringing a family. There’s not a super clean way to standardize that, so just book your spot and I’ll reach out to discuss.

There are about 30 spots available.

Every year we’ve sold out around that number, but we’ve never offered childcare before, so please RSVP as soon as you know you want to come.

Dues-paying members enjoy first dibs, free subscribers second.

Reservation is not a binding commitment, so if you’re hoping/planning to come, please reserve a spot now.

Car pools and related travel discussion has already started in the community at town.otherlife.co.

I’ll write more soon with deep lore from the previous meetups, and updates about special guests and the program as it solidifies.