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Introducing the New Monthly Print Issue

And the most important event we've ever hosted.

Now shipping

The Other Life newsletter has never been the most professional or predictable newsletter in the world, I know!

But I do believe it’s one of the weirdest and most interesting—or so readers tell me.

Now, I hope to cement this status with our newest experiment: A monthly print edition.

After a ton of research and logistical wrangling, a first welcome issue was just shipped this morning to all paying subscribers of this newsletter.

This was more complicated than I planned for, but I think you’re really going to love it.

It's clear to me that the internet is about to be flooded with junk, which is why I'm pushing more into IRL events, print products, and everything that's harder to fake—as I discussed in a previous post.

Starting now, every month, I’m going to physically mail you the most interesting and important thing I possibly can. Stuff that’s too good for the vast sea of public information. Ideas, stories, and lessons that you can only really appreciate and digest away from the screen.

It will be short, fun, and concentrated. You’ll look forward to it every month, and it should immediately inspire your own work as soon as you’re done reading it. These are my goals. This is my promise.

All current paying subscribers (including those still on Gumroad) should receive the first welcome letter within a week, so long as you gave me your mailing address when I asked for it.

You can upgrade here and/or update your address here. If you do it today, I’ll squeeze you into the welcome issue (#0).

I’m anticipating some shipping hiccups, which is why I’m sending the welcome issue before the first real issue. I’ll get the systems down smooth, then start shipping the high-grade stuff right away. ;-)

Thanks to the first ~140 of you, from 17 countries around the world.

Next: Our Most Epic Event to Date

As I push forward building a Republic of Letters for the postdiluvian age, I’m thinking much bigger about IRL events.

We’ve done some epic low-key events in the past—connecting readers, writers, and founders/investors in the Other Life universe—but I'm starting to plan a much bigger concept…

This one won't be cheap, but it will be genuinely unlike anything out there right now. It will only be relevant to my most accomplished readers. (Don’t worry, we’ll continue to do our open events and courses for people of all experience and education levels).

If you’re interested, take a moment to answer just a few questions. If I do this, I really want to get it right. So I really need to hear from you. Thank you!