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Aristotle and the Secret of Esoteric Boomerism

Dear reader,

Have you ever wondered how the Boomer got so wealthy, even though he worked one corporate job his entire life and spent all of his free time playing golf?

It’s a curious puzzle:

Millennials and Zoomers who want to get rich today are "grinders:" They pop 30mg of Adderall and a couple Zyns to spend 10 hrs/day coding or making "content" in "monk mode."

Their modus operandi is isolation, stimulants, a spirit of seriousness, and a kind of industrial mentality.

But the Boomers were not like this! And yet, they’ve done extremely well!

The successful Boomer is much more likely to have earned his wealth gradually, relaxedly, almost by accident.

The Boomer knew nothing of the "Sigma Grindset."

The Boomer strove for basic career security but otherwise just wanted to be happy, to have a nice house with a pool, to go on cruises, etc. And yet they somehow managed to own everything.

So how did they do that? How does that work?

This past month, I think I finally decoded the secret behind the Boomers’ uniquely casual style of wealth creation.

I first encountered this secret in Plato and Aristotle many years ago, but I didn't recognize it at the time.

Then I recently encountered the same secret in... You're not going to believe this but... in Donald Trump’s 1987 memoir The Art of The Deal (Amazon, Local).

Whether you love him or hate him, Trump is literally the Alpha Boomer of the United States of America (at least if you trust the prediction markets).

Anytime I find an obscure and specific lesson in one of the great classical philosophers, and then also in the life of a successful modern character, I immediately stop and say to myself: “This is extremely important (and I should probably mail my subscribers a printed letter about this).”

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Justin Murphy